28 February 2010

What 10 items would be in your box?

At work we are trying to make life enrichment boxes for each of our Alzheimer's and Dementia Residents. I stated I would try and see what I could come up with and see what donations I could pull together. I understand that this is a weird list of items, but basically we want to get each resident there individual box.  When they are looking for something to do we can pull it out for them. You would be amazed at how much just holding an item that reminds them of there past can do for them. We are not asking for new items. If you have anything you would like to donate please feel free to contact me tandvjung@yahoo.com.

Our wishlist of items for our residents' Life Enrichment Boxes includes:

Stuffed animals - you may think it's kiddish but to some of our residents these are great comfort tools.
Bowling score cards - written on or blank
Balls - any shape and size and used or new
Golf Tees - used or new
Pin Cushions
Fabrics - scraps of any sort and kind
Playing Cards
Crossword books
Stationary - Cards and envelopes too
Postcards - from any place and time
Sheet music
Hymnals and Song Books
Costume jewelry
Dress-up - Hats, Scarves, gloves, any actual accessory or outfit from the 1940's to the 1970's
Kitchen stuff - old recipe cards and books, any old kitchen gadget or canister for food from that time
Seeds - For planting these have to be edible
Gardening tools and Gloves - these can be new or old. Yes, our residents are allowed to handle these items.
Fake flowers - these are for arrangements and other crafts
Paintbrushes - old ones are just fine
Calculators - (large numbers)
Office Supplies - old ink wells, fountain pens, typewriters (these can be electric), etc.
Music - 8-tracks, cassettes, even cd's (preferably music from 1940's to 1980's)
Make-up - this should be unused
Nail Polish
Old clocks
Perfume or perfume bottles

This has got me thinking about what would be in my box, (Don't worry I will narrow it down to 10 items). I know what I would like in my box at this point in my life.

My Life Enrichment Box
 Pictures of my family
My scriptures
Sewing stuff
Scrapbook stuff
Reba cd
Yellow ribbon
Kitchen supplies

I know it sounds like very little, but if you were to make a box to describe your life what 10 items would you have in your box?  Remember these residents have some form of dementia and can barely remember who they were, if they can at all.

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