29 January 2010

Yes I know it's been a very long time.

Things have been going well here in CO. I love my job! I am working as a resident care associate for Brookdale Place in our Clare Bridge community (aka I work with Alzheimer's and Dementia residents). No I didn't quit my job at Sunrise Senior Living, we were sold out to Brookdale. The kids are in school TJ is in Pre-K and Elaine is in Pre-school. Can you believe TJ is already bringing home homework at 4 years old? I can't. LOL I have been so busy with work that I really haven't had time for much else. I feel like a horrible friend, daughter and grand-daughter because I am lucky if I talk to someone and catch up once a month. I love CO, but miss my friends and family in Texas dearly. Life definitely has changed. We still have not visited anyone since the move, but plan to make a trip to Texas semi-soon, because Tommy is fixing to deploy to Afghanistan. Well, I will try and get on after I get some chores around the house done. I will write soon.