09 February 2011

Wordless Wednesday

So much to do today, and not time to say much.  Thank goodness for Wordless Wednesday.

Pecans from our backyard.

Texas state nut.  (Gee...I always thought my Hubby was the state nut.)

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02 February 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday

So those that have been following know that my husband was injured in Afghanistan (you can read about it here).  He is doing really well, but even though he may not look like it we have a long road to recovery.  January 21st he was able to meet some UFC Fighters!  I know how much he enjoys it and how he miss Jesse, so I was glad to take these pictures for him!

and Yes it is Shane Carwin!

He also was able to meet Jared Hamman and Tim Kennedy (MMA Fighter).  Each of these 5 men gave my husband autographed self portraits and visited with him for a few seconds.  Shane Carwin also gave my hubs a sweet T-shirt!  All in all it was another great job by the W.F.S.C. at Fort Sam Houston for our Wounded Warriors.

Happy Wordless I mean Not-So Wordless Wednesday!

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Be-Bop-A Blog Hop Wednesday! Wordish Wednesday

Thoughts of Tuesday on Wednesday

So last night my husband and I woke up starring at each other.  Don't worry folks no dirty stuff.  The wind was going crazy, and we had no clue what was going on.  We have been so distracted we haven't even watched the weather.  LOL   About 1pm today I discovered what more than likely woke us up...I hunk of a tree.  It fell off the Pecan tree in my backyard and smashed the spigot.  Not only did it break the handle, it bent the pipe.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  Even better than all of this is the fact that housing maintenance wouldn't even answer the phone.  Oh well there is always tomorrow.  I hope everyone is surviving this winter storm safely and warmly.  Now for my thoughts:

Crafts I want to do soon:

Give Away Ideas for when I get my 100th follower: (What are your ideas?  Nobody has suggested anything)

a set of 6 handmade cards

a no sew blanket

a child tutu

keep it a surprise...maybe a gift card

Books I recently finished and suggest to you:  (these are especially for military spouses)


It's windy!  It sounds like people are actually talking at points, and my house is incredibly draft.  I  promise I don't normally walk around my house cleaning in my winter coat.  LOL

Blog hops...I may stop doing these.  It seems that most of my "readers" that follow me from these don't actually read my posts.  I honestly don't care if anyone is reading this I just think I may stop the blog hops.

I love cooking, cake and cupcake shows.  My current faves are Kitchen Boss, Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Fabulous Cakes, Ultimate Cake Off, Cupcake Wars.  Yummy!  Even better is trying the recipes and designs.

Bang! Bang! Bang!  Oh no, what was I thinking about.  Bang! Bang! Bang! It's getting to hard to concentrate.  Maintenance is here fixing the floor in my sons room since termites at some point in the last 90 years decided to eat it.  That's it.  Does anybody know of any cute things I can make for my son?  

Well, this post is late, but until next time be safe! 

01 February 2011

Tuesday Blog Hops

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