20 February 2010

Lessons of the Week

This deployment is coming to quickly and is going to be hard. - Tommy is training in the field, and I have my first glimpse at what this deployment maybe like.  Kids going crazy, work, homework (with the kids), cook, clean, sleep (very little).

Close the all doors when I leave the house, and put up doggie gates. - Pixie (my chiweenie) is chewing through everything!  (In one day alone: my laptop charger, phone cord, a slipper of Tj's, Elaine's 1 week old Snow White doll is now armless, socks, and Tj's nerf football).

Walk to the car in the morning don't run. - I literally slid under Tommy's car when I went to warm it up.

Sometimes it's wise to give up the things you love. - Tommy asked me if I was sure I wanted to payoff my car when he would let me trade mine in, and I said no I love my car pay it off.  The payment cleared the next day and that day my radiator blew.

Remember to laugh, and laugh hysterically if need be. - All I can say is my job is a stress reliever and laughing definitely is the best medicine.


Melissa (Irving) Meldrum said...

Wow, you're an army wife! My brother is in the reserves in Texas but he's probably going to be deployed later this year. I am so grateful for all those who serve our country and those that stay behind and support them! Let me know if there's ever anything I can do to help support, I'm pretty crafty and love to make things! Anyways, it's amazing how grown up we are. Would you have imagined this all those years ago!!! I'm glad you found my blog, I'm going to add yours to my list. Keep in touch. Maybe one day we can catch up some more.

Kelly said...

Girl, isn't this the truth?? EVERYTHING goes wrong when they leave.. a YEAR of this???? LOL! My two year old literally just threw-up all over my car... At least my house isn't falling apart today, but why does everything decide to happen when they are gone? It must be God preparing us for what's to come! Eek! Good thing we rock. Maybe our husbands are deploying together?

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