24 September 2009

Getting caught up

Well I finally had one day off but it's back to work today. Man I needed that day off! I have become a care manager at work as well as the concierge. Between training and work I am a bit wiped out. I am putting my kiddos in full-time daycare. I have may have found an fcc provider here on base that will be watching them. We will see after our interview/meeting at 1pm.

I just joined facebook this morning so feel free to add me. Everybody kept telling my hubby and I we needed to so I finally did.

Tommy and I both got our first parking tickets yesterday morning for parking facing the wrong direction, oops! At least they are only $45 a pop. However, Tommy got another ticket this morning for failure to stop at a red light. I am thinking if we keep going at this rate my whole paycheck is going to go to tickets.

Well I will be back after breakfast but while I am gone look at the beautiful day we are having. It's 40 degrees though!

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carol said...

Two tickets in one day! That bites. Time to go home and order pizza (delivered!)

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