26 September 2009

Dear Dad,

You are a big part of me,
But a part I am forbidden to see.
I don't know your name,
And I don't pass any blame.
I will probably never know you,
But believe me when I say my missing you is true.
Why did you walk away when you knew she had lied?
Have you ever thought of me and cried?
There is a deep aching in my heart,
From not knowing my missing part.
Do I have a sister or even a brother?
Do they know of me, do they father?
I will be twenty-six on November's fourteenth day,
But you don't know that and therefore have nothing to say.
Are Grandma and Grandpa still alive?
Do you hide the truth so you may survive?
I didn't know you existed until I was ten.
Will I ever see your face, If so when?
Where do you work? What do you do?
Will I ever stop thinking of you?
Daddy, I want you in my life,
But I want your family to be without strife,
So I will leave you alone.
I only your name wanted to know.
So Goodbye, whoever and wherever you are,
Love always, Your Secret Daughter

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