15 September 2009

The Art That Changed Me

Poetry, it can enhance and touch someone's life greatly with just a simple phrase. It can open door ways in your imagination that you never knew were there. Poetry may even make someone think about something twice, and as a result save another person's life or even their own. Poetry can help ease the pain of someone's passing, and it can even relieve stress. Poetry can be about anything.

Recently, I have decided to start writing again. Poetry takes hold of my emotions, that are bottled up inside and turns them into floods of intertwining words, rhymes, and phrases. I remember how I used to use poetry to release my secret feelings, I found it hard to express my emotions. I did not want to talk about or even think about them. It was a rough patch in my life. Then one night I remember staring aimlessly at the flashing cursor on my blank computer screen, and suddenly I began to type. I have not really written any poetry in about 7 years and I miss it.

I used to write daily and loved to share them with friends and family. That one poem led to many, many more. It was a way for me to reach my innerself and release the tension and stress in my life.

Last night I helped with the poetry club at work and remembered the love I have for this art. You truly can write about anything in poetry. The words can even bring someone else to tears. Don't get me wrong poems can express love and happiness. However, the one's that have always stuck in my mind tell a story with a lesson, a hidden message persay. Poetry can open the door to a wonderful and intriguing imagination, while at the same time slamming another door on bad habits or a harsh past. Poetry can influence in many ways, and yes I know some would say it doesn't, but personally it had changed mine. I hate to have lived without it for so long. So today I am making myself the habit of writing again.

I will share some occasionally on here, but my poems will be like my journal. I plan for it to be my release once again.

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