10 September 2009

First day of Daycare

So with me being back at work we decided that hourly daycare on post might come in handy for my training days and also the days where we may just need it. I also got a list of FCC (Family Child Care) Providers, for those times I may need a provider outside the hours of the hourly daycare.

Tj has been in daycare before and seemed to do pretty well. He is excited about going to "school" and making friends. I tried explaining it wasn't school, but he just does not care. He has changed a lot since he was in daycare and it is for the better in that environment. He is more outgoing and just jumps right in to what the group is doing.

Elaine however has never been in Daycare. Only babysat by people she has known or played with their kids. She will more than likely will make me cry today. I expect her to cry too, but then again she may completely shock me and not shed a tear and just run off and play. (I am hoping that is what happens.)

Tj was taken out of daycare a little after the month Elaine was born, so when he was 21 months. So he doesn't remember daycare, I am sure. For their first day I am sending them to a doozy, 7 1/2 hours unless Tommy manages to get their sooner.

Well we will see what happens after today. Hope you have a great one. My load of laundry just finished time to fold and put away.

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