15 August 2009


Well I went to work yesterday for my job preview. I got the job as long I pass my tuberculous test (no prop) and my background check (another no prob). I am great at multi-tasking so I should do fine my only difficulty will be learning all the transfer codes for the phone.

Yesterday evening I had the joy of visiting Fort Carson Evan Hospital's Emergency Room. Don't worry I am fine. Yesterday morning I woke up having a hard time swallowing and what appeared to be an abscess on my right Tonsil. I made it through the day, but By 4pm when Tommy got home I was almost in tears (it hurt worse than contracts when I swallowed). I hadn't eaten all day and only had a few sips of water. I was having difficulty swallowing. So I go in and waited about 20 mins. and was triaged. The triage Nurse had no ideas and yet from the time I left her office it wasn't two minutes before I was called into an actual room. Well the Dr. did a rapid strep test that came back negative but sent to others to be cultured. Between the seven Drs. and Nurses she was the only one that had an idea. She then prescribed toradol and decadron shots and penicillin and ibuprofen pills.

This morning it is better, but still oozing puss and bleeding. I wore a mask last night just in case it is something contagious. Lord, I pray it's not strep. I don't need Elaine to get it again. It took eight months to get rid of her last strep case. ( She doesn't get it in her throat but rather on her bottom.) Yes I know weird.

Well the hubby is about to head out and go clothes shopping at a few local thrift stores for the kiddos. All kid clothing and outfits are .99 cents and all other items except blue tags are 50% off. Maybe I can get some rest and knock this thingy out.

Tata for now!

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A said...

I am sorry you have been sick. That sounds miserable!! My mom's computer is slow so I am just going to comment on a few things atonce, lol. I go back home on Tuesday!! Yay!! Anyway, I can't believe youhave to pay for PreK and Kindergarten! That is ridiculous! Congrats on the job! Hope it all works out. We will catch up better when I go home.

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