14 August 2009

Pretty sure I got a job!

So right after I posted my blog yesterday I get a phone call asking me if I can come in this morning at 8:30 am to about 10:30am. Of course I said yes. So really keep your fingers crossed today. I am super excited. I haven't had any job other SAHM and waitress/trainer since 2004. This is what I call an actual real job that I can advance at. Don't get me wrong being a SAHM is one of the most demanding and hardest jobs ever. Especially during the toddler and potty training years, (I haven't experienced the other years just yet). This is for the concierge job at the assisted living community. The hours will work perfectly with my hubby's schedule and in 6 months I can go from part-time to fulltime. Meaning I can get my son in preschool, also I will get all those benifits I mention yesterday.

Well I will post back later. Right now I have to get breakfast made and get dressed. I am super excited. YAY!

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