22 August 2009

My New Life

I know. I know. I have been slacking. It has just been so busy, getting ready for work, running errands, going to appointments, keeping up with the house, and so much more. BY the time I get a break I just want to collapse. LOL

Okay so I am a part-time concierge, a full-time mom and wife. As far as the job goes I am loving it! I am getting so much interaction with residents. You are probably wondering what I do at work well...

greet potential residents, families, visitors
manage both external and internal calls
take and communicate messages
provide an overview of community information to those inquiries in support of the marketing and sales efforts
monitor the Bistro area for refreshments, music, cleanliness
general administrative duties
Walk, feed and water the dog
Feed, water, and clean up after the finches
Water the plants
Sort and Deliver mail
Update and deliver menus
Update resident profiles
Help host activities for residents
And basically in my spare moments just help out whoever however I can

Yes there are moments where there seem to be 20 things going on at once and I get lost but it really is going very smoothly. As much as I hate to say it I really am enjoying the break from the life as a stay-at-home-mom.

On the other hand, I have been trying to be sure breakfast is served and lunch and dinner are prepared and in the fridge before I leave at 830am. So my morning starts the moment Tommy leaves for PT if not before. Oh yeah, did I mention I have been trying to keep my house in perfect condition. I think I am a bit OCD about it. I see a speck of dirt and I am after it.

By the time I come home make sure the kids are fed and then in bed. I am ready to collapse, but my day doesn't seem to get done until between 10 pm and midnight.

Well, I have more errands to do before work at 4pm. I promise to talk soon.

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A said...

Wow!!! Busy lady! I will be pretty busy myself starting next week too. I enjoyed talking to you the other night!

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