13 August 2009


Paying for Pre-k and KINDERGARTEN
It turns out Fort Carson charges for pre-k. I knew that was a possibility, so Tj has to wait until I find a job before he can start. Once I explained things to him he seemed to understand. I am going to set him up a little pre-k area here, complete with a desk, posters, books, crafts the works. I am going to make it my goal to have him visually recognizing a few words and hopefully reading even more.

On the same note...well sort of, Fort Carson makes you pay for Kindergarten!!! Can you believe that? I have never heard of anyone having to pay for kindergarten! Well maybe a private school but that's it. Don't worry Tj will be going to Kindergarten even if its all my paycheck covers.

Job Search Update

As far as the job search yesterday I actually turned down a full-time job with benifits. I would have had school tution paid for, helth and dental insurance, a 401k, paid vacation time, and paid sick days. Unfortunately it was for a full-time, 2pm -10pm shift. Even if we put both kids in part-time daycare the daycare closes at 6pm or 7pm. And knowing the army there would come those times where they would make him come in late or stay late and I wouldn't have anyone foer the kids.

I feel my interview yesterday went very well. It was with the same company I turned down yesterday just a different location. I really want to get a job with this company. It just speaks to me. There is one more community in Colorado Springs for this company if I don't get a job from my interview yesterday.

Today is a call-back day, meaning I will be calling back the numerous places I have put in resumes and try and schedule more interviews. Keep your fingers crossed. I am also going to notify them that I can work the 9am to 5pm shift as well as weekend graveyards.

Okay enough babbling. Time to get busy.

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Brandie said...

I just stumbled across your blog and thought I would say hi! I love your blog. We also are fixing to have to pay for pre-k. It's $69 a month for a 2 day, 3 hr program. Everything is so expensive these days!

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