08 May 2009

My Baby is Four!

My baby boy is Four years old as of May 3rd! I really can't believe my baby is four! He is growing up so fast. He will even be starting school in August. My baby is no longer a baby.  :(  Actually am kind of happy about it.  LOL I mean He feeds himself, goes to the bathroom so no more diapers, he helps cook and do chores, and I can actually do more things with him.  I mean of course I miss cradling him in my arms and watching him sleep, but I am so happy the colic phase is over and behind us.  I love watching him grow and find new experiences and meanings to things.  After that first year of his life time as just flown by. I can still vividly remember the wee hours of the morning when he decided it was time for his arrival. Tj has always been one to let you know when he is around.  He's a good kid just very inquisitive and active.  Its funny he just turned four and already wants to be five.  Tommy and I have told him he can start playing sports when he turns five.  He can't wait.  His latest love is soccer.  I think my hubby is praying for baseball to become an interest.  LOL.  We will just have to wait and see.   Well Happy 4th Birthday Baby!

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