08 May 2009

Desiree had her kittens

So my glory of passing my state exam was stolen.  My husband who was proud quickly turned his pride and amazement to our cat, Desiree who had five beautiful kittens last night.  So I owe my husband an apology.  LOL

I took pictures but my camera is currently locked in my bedroom with the momma and her babies.  I will upload the photos later.  

Our cat was acting funky all afternoon and I thought nothing of it.  Tommy finally started saying I think she is in labor.  I didn't believe him, but to satisfy him I simply when and got a box with a pillow and a towel for the cat.  She wanted nothing to do with it.  So I took the towel and tried making her a palette under the bed nope.  Tommy was laying on the bed and next thing you know she crawls up right beside him.  Her body formed to his and started pushing.  He was amazed.  lol  She was different than any other animal momma I have been around because she wanted us right there the whole time. 

Well long story short she had five, 2 gray and black tabbies, 1 with her coloration calico tabbish, 1 black, and 1 orange tabby - (if its a male it is going to my dad).  I have already secretly named the orange one RJ - Red Junior.  Red was a family cat (from the first litter of kittens my cat Callie had).  He was with us many years and recently had to be put down by my step-dad.  Well, talk to ya'll later.


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