08 May 2009

Here are the Kittens!

Here are the pictures I promised to post!

Kitten Number one and mom
Desiree the happy Mom
Tommy is amazed!  Tj is oblivious.
Tommy and Tj watching the births.

Cleaning Kitten number one.

Desi and kittens 1-3

It's bath time.

Time to eat!

So we thought she was done and feeding her three babies.
But Nope there are 2 more bringing the total to 5!

Kitten 1 - Black and Gray Tabby

Kitten 2 - Looks like a mini-Desiree - Light Brown Tabby

Kitten 3 - Black and dark brownish-gray tabby
Kitten 4 - RJ (Red Junior) - Orange and white Tabby
Kitten 5 - Solid Black

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