08 May 2009

Here a some cruise photos...finally!

I will add more photos later, that come before these.

Looking out of the seven doll temple.
Mock mayan village.
Mayan kitchen hut.  The mayans did not sleep where they cooked.
Livestock pen
A more modernized well.

Our tour guide of the ruins.
Part of the Mayan Village.
Tommy with some Mayan artifacts.
This is a Mayan King.
The "Seven Dolls" found in the door way of the Temple.

While visiting the Mayan ruins we got to see wild iguanas.
Dancers at the horse show.
Dancers at the horse-show.
singer and mexican cowboy.
If you look closely the lasso is around him and the horse.
The Mexican cowboys.
Our cruise ship in Progresso.
A day at sea.
Ready to hit the casino.
Tommy checking his belt.
Our cruise ship in Cozumel.
Me coming to meet Tommy, after having to go back to the ship for my cash that I left in the safe.
Yes that is a real man.
Taking time to smell the flowers.

Tommy taking a rest.

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