09 May 2009

So Bored

Tommy went and played golf this morning and I stayed with the kids.  They were pretty good, but both have upper respiratory infections.  I decided to let them outside to get some sun anyways.  I figure a little vitamin D will do them some good.  Afterwards I let them help me make some brownies.  I love brownies!  :)  Once Tommy got home we all went to the neighborhood park, which is 90% of the time empty.  Then it was off for picking flowers, singing cadences, and a nature walk.  We came home and everyone went down for naps.  Yet, here I am typing on my blog and watch some show on lifetime.  Speaking of lifetime.....ARMY WIVES!!!!  June 7th season 3 starts!  I can't wait!  Yes, I am an addict!  

Well Its about time to start dinner. Going to cook some good 'ole comfort food
tonight...Fried Chicken, au Gratin Potatoes and Greens. Man, I am hungry already!

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