07 May 2009

Finally Have my CNA

So I took my state exam for my cna (certified nursing assistant) and I passed! Yay! I have been cramming for a few days lately and was getting so nervous and all for nothing. I passed the hands on skill test with no problems and the written missed one question! The only reason I know how many I missed is because I saw he grade it. I am so happy it is finally done. I started this process in July of 2006 and almost three years later am done. I know I should be almost done with my RN but that is my next step. When we get to Fort Carson in July I plan on Starting my RN. I just have to push myself. I really do love being a SAHM but I need a degree to fall back on if need be and I should have my RN within the next 2 1/2 years. The goal is before my hubby exits the army.

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