30 April 2009

Our Cruise

So I haven't posted lately, Sorry. My husband and I went on our "honeymoon" finally. We took a cruise to Western Caribbean on the Ecstasy from Carnival Cruise lines. We visited Progresso, Yucatan, Mexico and Cozumel, Mexico. It was beautiful and wonderful! However I must say the food left much to be desired. Tommy ate pizza and I ate the sushi 90% of the time, both were so yummy. We had a blast in the casino and even managed to come out on top. Supposedly I am a great craps player. I was just rolling the dice and it seemed to take forever for the next person's turn. LOL The shopping was a dream and for once I was able to haggle and get the price I wanted. I definitely suggest if you go on a cruise these are the places to go. Just a few tips avoid the Ecstasy (go on a bigger ship - less rocking), avoid the horse show in progresso, yucatan - especially if you are used to American horse shows, and watch for the rocks just three or so feet into the water at the Playa Mia Beach Break in Cozumel. I can't wait until Tommy and I one day go on another cruise. I loved it! Oh and the shows don't forget to go to them especially the comedy shows. I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life and I thought Tommy was going to fall out of his seat.

So in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico we visited the Mayan ruins of Dzibilchalt├║n (place where there is writing on the stones). It is more commonly know as the Temple of the Seven Dolls or the Temple of the Sun.It was 110 degrees outside and we walked miles but it was beautiful. I love historical sites. While there we also visited Xlacah (which means "old village") cenote for a refreshing swim. A cenote is a sink hole. The water was so clear you could make out the pebbles on the bottom. Fish were swimming around and didn't even care we were there. I wanted to dive in but unfortunately there wasn't enough time. Thanks Christina for the referral to this wonderful Mayan site. There was also a mock village set-up of how these Mayans used to live and a museum. The gift shop there was a little overpriced, but still had beautiful items we didn't find elsewhere. After we left the ruins this excursion went downhill. We went to that horse-show I mentioned earlier and a Mexican Buffet (Wow the food was AWESOME). The horse show in my opinion was very lame and I got the same impression from the other people around us because there wasn't much clapping and cheering. The dancers and singer that were included in the show were um ok. Afterwards it was back to the port for some shopping. Tommy and I were having so much fun we accidentally got split up and I ended up searching for him for about 30 mins. only to find him loaded down with bags of souvenirs and a huge cheesy grin. We then loaded the boat to head for Cozumel.

Cozumel - Wow!!! It was so beautiful. The ocean was a brilliant clear blue and the beaches were white. Tommy and I went to the Playa Mia Beach Break and had a blast. The moment we got off the ship we started shopping. I ended up with some free tanzanite to boot. The shops were lovely and the people were so friendly. After an hour or two we boarded the buses and headed to the beach. The beach break was huge and yet so relaxing and or fun. There was a free buffet - yummy, an open bar - MARGARITAS!!!! :), lounge chairs, jet skis, para-sailing, tubing, massages, cooking classes, shops, a bird menagerie, and so much more. We bought a diasposable camera just for the beach and unfortunately not a single picture came out. :( It was heart breaking to discover. However, The experience was wonderful. I would love to go back and just spend a week in Cozumel...Well after this Swine Flu stuff Blows over. Well after the beach it was a mad dash to the ship that was scheduled to leave at 3pm and it was 2:50pm. Oh yeah did I mention Tommy wanted a huge Mask from a shop and it was my task to buy it and carry it back to the ship (yes I made it back and somehow beat Tommy). LOL Poor Tommy the day we came off the ship and were going through customs the mask fell and shattered.

I will add more later.

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