07 April 2009


Okay so it is nearing the end of nap time at my house and I just finished cleaning up the house some. If you are a SAHM you know that includes doing dishes, going to go do something else but stepping on a die cast car and realizing the toys weren't put up. So I clean up the toys and a million other things start running through my mind. Then my head stops, while folding a load of laundry. I Start think of my missing cat. Recently our cat Jezabelle disappeared. She has always been a loving sweet cat and has now been missing for 5 days. I know the likelihood of me getting her back is not likely but I still hope. I am an animal lover and Jezabelle was animal that just imprints herself upon you. I hope she is safe and sound and either comes home or has found a good loving home. Gwenivere our other cat had been walking around crying since she left so I adopted a cat at the Stray Facility. Desiree! I went to the Fort Hood Stray Animal Facility to try and find Jezabelle and Found this pretty little girl. I will add her photo tomorrow. Okay so now that I have rambled a little and I hear my little girl calling me. So have a good afternoon! I am headed to give snacks then off to get some groceries. Yay me!

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