07 April 2009

Goodnight Friend

Okay so lately I have been having a lot of brain farts when talking to my kids. Today was a go-go-go day for us. We woke up at 7:30 am, ate and got dressed and then of to khol's to help a friend find a shirt for her family photos that are coming up. She eventually decided that despite what the photographer said about white washing people out that she was going to wear white. I think she made a good choice. (that was just the first 3 1/2 hours of our day) What is so crazy about that? Well nothing, but my son apparently made a few new friends in the dressing room. While she was trying on shirts he was fasicinated with the fact he saw three of himself in the mirrors at once. Well tonight he kept telling me he had to tell his friend goodnight and was so sure he was in the bathroom. Having forgotten about earlier today I kept telling him there was no one. Thirty minutes later I finally went to show him there was no one in the bathroom. He walked very assuredly and pointed at the mirror and said there. "Goodnight friend! Look Mommom you have a friend too. Say Goodnight." I couldn't help but laugh. I then tried to explain that the image in the mirror was his reflection. Yeah his 3 yr. old mind did not understand.

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