07 April 2010

Some Randomness

Here is the assignment:

Go to your 1st picture folder and post your 10th picture and tell about it. How easy is that?

Good thing I'm on my laptop that has pictures, not my new laptop that does not.   :)

My 1st folder is my husband's and I have no clue what sort of army thing is going on in it.  

TJ and Elaine are playing with their new slip and slide with their cousin Kimber.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law came to visit (when we were still at Fort Hood, Tx) and we decided to let the kids cool off outside in the water while I think we BBQ'd.  I think this was around May of '09.

And yes TJ's swim shorts are on backwards.  LOL

And  now I am tagging:

Susan - http://chaosexpert.blogspot.com/

Kelly - http://kelly-practicallydomestic.blogspot.com/

Brandie - http://brandiefleming.blogspot.com/

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Kelly said...

Oh yippe, thanks for tagging me! I will get on this sometime this week.. :) Yes, hubby left Thursday morning bright and early. What unit (is it a unit?? I still get confused. Hehe!) is your husband in? Mine is 1-22 FSC...

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