10 April 2010

A new Chapter.

So my hubby really, really, really wants to move back to Texas.  Did I mention he REALLY wants to move back to Texas.  So he is at JRTC in Louisiana right now and when he gets back we will be headed back to Texas on leave to buy a house.  He is ready to settle outside of the army and start a new career and buy a place that we can make our home.  He is tired.  So I agreed to all of this, but in all honesty I am just as scared as I am excited.  I know I will love having my own place to paint or remodel or whatever, but I will more than likely be moving by myself somewhere where I will know no one yet again.  I love my job and my residents; it will break my heart to leave them.  And my biggest fear is what will my husband do after the military, and finances.  I know it will all work out.  But I guess I will miss this chapter of my life.  I love being an armywife.  If my husband gets out I will be moving on to a "normal lifestyle."  You know the house, two kids, the cat, the dog, and well settling and starting a life in a neighborhood, where we won't be moving from at a drop of the army's call.  Right now we are considering the north Houston area like Humble, Georgetown, and Austin.  Wish me luck in the search.  You have any good sites to check for real estate?

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Paige said...

www.har.com houston area real estate

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