06 September 2009

My friends!

I miss my friends!!!


I miss our quick front porch chats or letting our kids play. I didn't realize how much those little moments between "parenting" or better yet going crazy meant to me! Thank you for being there for me. You truly are a good person. I know times get rough, and some people can just drive you nuts ("the crazies," the kiddos and the hubby). But as much as you worried about it you are not and never will be one of them. You could never drive me nuts. I miss you woman! I am glad to hear you are doing well. Stay strong. Give the girls hugs from me.



I am amazed it took us as long as it did to patch the holes in our friendship, and yet I am already missing you. Thank you for being a good friend. I wish we could have gotten together more before I left. I can't believe how quickly things change. Nor can I believe how fast baby Cole is growing! Remember to take time for you between school , the kids, the hubby, and your crazy family (LOL, would you believe it if I told you I still remember the good times and laugh).


Okay, okay I know to some that may sound crazy or "gay" but its the truth. These two women mean alot to me and may never know how much their friendship pulled me through. They truly are life long friends. Feel blessed to have them as yours. I will miss you gals. Guess how much I suck!?!? I don't have a photo with either of you two women.

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