07 September 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Well today was a good and bad day. I spent the morning with my family and then off to work. I went in three hours early trying to get some training on the kiosk (computers) done just to find out they were down. Of course since it was Labor Day no one was at the tech office. So I came home and relaxed some more. I got to work with nothing to do. So I found stuff to do then played skipbo with some of the residents. Behind the scenes though there was a death. I was clueless. It is hard to accept the fact that soon I could be missing some of my bingo partners or just some of the faces I have grown accustom to.

I have always thought I can be one of those people that makes these times easier for the families, but tonight I did quite the opposite. Not on purpose of course. It made me sick when I realized what was going on. It also amazed me at how many people were laughing and making jokes over the death. One person even made a comment a week ago that they would not miss this person after they were gone. Once again I am reaffirmed in my belief that you need to be careful what you wish for.

Well I am off to bed. It is going to be an early day tomorrow, and these margarita's are getting to me.



Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. We had a mini riot at the State (TX) Prison today. Three officers were injured badly. Two were transported by ambulance. They are all out of the hospital, with some broken bones, stitches and one with a minor concussion. Scary...heck yeah.

Yes, I am now a State of TX employee, but dating someone who is the Army Reserve Special Forces. As a Air Force Veteran myself, my heart goes out to all our fallen brothers and sisters in the US Military and those currently serving. God Bless each and everyone and their families. God Bless You (my daughter, Violet) and my Army Son-in-Law, Tommy.

Colorado bound, one day soon (I hope). Grandma is still looking for coats for the family - no worries. And yes, Tommy, a black jacket with a patch that says "Save the Tata's - Love, Mom"
Smile. Miss ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, 09/09/09 - Celebrate. It is the last single digit calendar match up for the next century. We survived the Millenium, 9/11 and saw this historical day come to pass. Well, off to bed. Tomorrow is another surprise yet to come. Yesterday had a beautiful double rainbow across the San Antonio horizon - a good omen. So, remember, God is with us and God Bless America.

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