02 August 2009

I am back to blogging.

Wow its been awhile...2 months. Lots has happened and is still happening.

We moved to Colorado - It's BEAUTIFUL! The kittens all found new loving homes. I had to leave two great friends, Amanda and Laura. Sorry guys I suck at goodbyes. I have managed to make a new friend Samantha. Tommy bought a new car. My mom has moved in with her boyfriend. I am job searching - I really can't wait to go to work again. Tj starts pre-k this month. And my baby girl is potty training and hates being called my baby. :(

Well, the drive from Texas to Colorado was beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't pull out my camera until the second day. So here are some photos:

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Amanda Panda said...

Miss you guys!!! I am glad you are enjoying Colorado though. And that you have made a friend. Surprisingly I made 2 friends right on our street! They were there all along but I didn't get to know them until now. Funny how that works. We need to catch up! Call me sometime!

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