13 May 2009

School and Moving

TJ is absolutely obsessed with going to school.  This morning he dresses himself, grabs his Lightening McQueen Mini Backpack, eats his waffles and...

Tj: Mom-mom it's time to go!  NOW!
Me: What? Where?
TJ: To school you hear me mom-mom.
Me: Yes dear I hear you but you can't go to school until after we move to Colorado.
TJ: Oh..... (You can see he is now in deep thought)

I get up and go wash the dishes.  He comes in about 10 minutes after our previous conversation.  He is carrying a big box.

Me: TJ? What are you doing?

He says nothing and climbs inside of the box and lays down and closes the flaps.

Me:  TJ?
Tj: What mom-mom?
Me:what are you doing?
TJ: I am moving to Colorado.

I just busted up.  We are not moving until July.


Amanda Panda said...

LOL! He is so funny!

"Deal"icious Mom said...

Thanks for your sweet comment over on my blog. Thanks for visiting!

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