13 May 2009

The end of my day yesterday

Okay so we did leftovers last night which is never a bad thing at my house.  My husband loves leftovers.  So the kids had mac and cheese, hot dogs, fruit cocktail, and green beans.  While my hubby and I had the photo below (which is what we had for dinner the night before):

After dinner we did the normal routine of bath time and pj's and off to bed.  Elaine though was an emotional wreck.  Gotta love girls.  LOL  So we pulled her into our room to go to sleep with daddy while I went across the street to play cards with my friend.  The night was cut short by Elaine though, and I ended up locking myself and her in her room to get her to sleep.  Two hours after I finally got her to sleep (3:30am) my son started crying for me.  So I snuck out and went to tend to him.  I got him to sleep and switch the clothes in wash to the dryer, and passed out on the couch.  4am- Tj comes looking for me and snuggles next to me on the couch.  I toss and turn until my hubby leaves for pt, and finally just give up.  So at 5 something I start on the house.  who knows maybe just maybe my kids will take naps today.  hahaha  Yeah I know (yeah right).  If they do take naps today they are only getting an hour.  They need to start sleeping through the nights again.

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