06 January 2011

What Happened?

Once again I follow the normal New Years Resolution of saying I will get back in shape.  So how is it I start out breakfast this morning with a Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt and end up with this?

Carmel and Almond Sweet Roll
Sorry still working on the recipe for this one.

This is how:

 She is even watching Dora!  Don't they teach not to take things!

I just want to say, "Swiper, no swiping!"  When I do I get this huge grin and how can I possible start my diet today!

 We shall try again tomorrow.


Frenchy said...

HAHAHA Did she take your yogurt ?
Mine do that all the time ! Even the yogurt with fiber. LOL
I am like oh great !
Chocolate and pie for breakfast. Not on a diet and i still have those 5 pounds on my stomach driving me nuts.
I hate resolutions, so hard.
Maybe we can work on those pounds together...We understand each other and our breakfasts :)
Following you back and come say hi when you can !

TryItMom said...

It's the opposite in my house. We buy those YoBaby things for JD, but they are so good (and not non-fat), hubby and I end up eating most of them! haha

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