18 January 2011

Thoughts of Tuesday

So things are starting to settle down around here, but now I have to play catch up.  The house is a mess I am behind on laundry and my to do list is growing quickly.  So here we go again a 20 random things for Tuesday post!

Songs I like today

I couldn't get this one to embed.  :(

Favorite Pictures

Favorite Blogs

The Meanest Mom

K. Tree, CNA

Army Wife Blogger

Raising Ruby

To Do

Grocery Shop at HEB

Go to the Library (This is one of my favorite places,m and I have yet to check ours out).

Finish Paying Bills- Such joy I tell you!

Try My CAA again. - Yep that's right I am still having problems with it.

Okay so it is time to get back to work.  Leave me a note you know how I love them.  Later people!


Frenchy said...

love your favorites ! Come say hi when you can !

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Gorgeous photos. Found you via Tuesday blog hop.

CJ xx

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