19 January 2011

Coupon Binder Sale and Giveaway from MySLCmommy

I am on a roll!  If you coupon or you are thinking about it you need to check out this giveaway! Head over to www.myslcmommy.com to find out more but here is some of her post from her site.

Coupon Binder on Sale + Giveaway!

Giveaway Ends January 30th at 11:59 p.m.

I have been in the market for a new coupon binder for awhile now because mine is just falling apart.  The zipper gets snagged all the time.  I recently figured out it zips backwards.  I have had my eye on the Save at Home Mommy Coupon Binder for a few weeks now.  Guess what!  It went on sale.  I was so excited.  I purchased mine last night.  Here is short video of everything it has.  (I love all of the thought she has put into this.  I can't wait for mine to get here.  I ordered purple.)

Now that you have seen how amazing this is.  Let me tell you how you can purchase one.  Right now you can get the binder and the items inside for only $23 + $7 shipping.  Kerri is only selling 23 at that price.  (I bought mine already so she has 22 more left at the price)  Then she will sell the next 25 for $25.  After that they go back to full price.  If you don't need the binder and just want the stuff inside it is $12.99.  Head over to her site to get yours. 

For more details and to enter her giveaway you have to go to her site.  Hurry! 

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