21 April 2010

"You Know You’re a Mom When-sDAZE"

"You Know You’re a Mom When-sDAZE" is a great way for us, as parents, to make light of our trials and tribulations. Our day to day run-ins with the crazy little people in our lives we call children.  The very people we simply couldn’t live without.  So with this, the possibilities of this are really endless...the creativity is all yours.  In order to play along, all you have to do is either post a picture of something crazy, wonderful, endearing, or just plain cute, that your kids have done...explaining how it made you feel or the story behind it.  Or, write a little post in the “You know you’re a mom when…” fashion.  

You know your a mom when you just finished cleaning and it took you a few hours 2 do so and the it takes your kids 5 min to mess it up all again!!

You know your a mom when you hear a kid screaming "Mommy I am done going Potty.  Can YOU wipe my booty!" So you clean them up and both of you go back to the table and continue to eat.

You know your a mom when your kid isn't even home and you still have Nick Jr. or Playhouse Disney on the TV.

You know your a mom when you spin more time doing your daughters hair then you do on your hair and make-up combined.

You know your a mom when your husband says go buy yourself something and you buy something for everyone in the house but yourself.

You know your a mom when you give up dream car for a SUV Cross Over  oh ok...minivan, and within a few weeks, but you absolutely love it, and you really mean it.

So whatever you’ve got…picture or otherwise…please link up at "You Know You’re a Mom When-sDAZE" and be sure to comment with your moments!


Traci66 said...

I know where your coming from I clean and then clean again several times a day. And well Nick and Cartoon Network are the best.

Julie said...

Ha ha...loved the suv crossover!! That's what I'm going to refer to the mini as from now on!!

Arizona Mamma said...

Oh yes...the infamous mid meal butt wipe...I know that one like a faithful old friend.

Thanks for joining in with me!

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