22 April 2010

Top 3 Thursday - Favorite Childhood Toys

Top 3 Thursday - Favorite Childhood Toys

Let's take a trip down to Memory Lane this Thursday
What was your Top 3 Favorite Childhood Toys?
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1. My Cabbage Patch!!!
I received her for my 3rd birthday and gave her to my daughter on her 3rd birthday this past January!  My CPK Preemie will be 24 this year!  Here is a pic of how she looks since my daughter says she is camera shy.  LOL
2. Care Bears!
Yeah I was in love with my Sunshine Bear.  I had it up until two years ago when my son finally de-stuffed it. 

 3. Gizmo
Yeah I watched the movie very young and I fell in love with Gizmo.  He was my little monster that protected me from the bad monsters.
What were your top 3 favorite toys?


Cara said...

This is adorable! :D


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Care Bears!!! I use to love them and I still kinda do! I have all mine from when I was a kid.

Kelly Denise said...

Love all 3
Thanks for playing!!
have a great weekend

Beth said...

Does that Cabbage Patch premie live in her box?

I remember all those toys from when my older kids were young. How fun!

Vi said...

LOL! no that is just a picture I found online! I wanted to take one of mine but my daughter said she was camera shy.

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