13 April 2010

Guilty as Charged

Since my hubby has not been around I must admit I have been doing everything the way it should be done.diving head first is some of my "guilty" pleasures.

1.  Watching TV in bed.  Of course I never fall asleep with it on.
2.  Reading!  I love to read!  Even until 3 am.
3.  My diet.  My hubby really dislikes "healthy" food, so I have been enjoying it every day.  However, you can't really consider Easter smores healthy, now can you!  Check out the link, the kids and I loved them.
4.  Long baths, and I mean very long baths.  The kids go to bed and I go for a soak with my candles and my book.  (Okay honestly this hasn't happened yet, but it is planned for tonight.  We shall see how it goes).
5.  Blogging and FB.  My hubby hates both, but we have an agreement I avoid it when he's around.  So there you go.
6.  House hunting.  Granted it has all been online, but it has been a guilty pleasure I have always done.  I dreamed of: my house and how it could be.  Now I am doing it for real.

AND the best of all....
7.  Enjoying the peace and quiet.  HAHA not the kids are hyper, crazy, and temperamental.  However, we march around the house singing cadences, screaming, singing or whatever.

Okay it has taken me 48 mins to write this post so far.  I am going to go and try and get the kiddos to sleep.  They are in bed, but not asleep.  Have a great night.  What are your guilty pleasures?


Cole said...

All wonderful things! You reading anything good? I'm a big book nerd so I love hearing about new books. Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

Crystal said...

Love this post - thanks for stopping by to see me - I am following you now.

Diane J. said...

Love how you could read until 3am (I love reading so I understand). I wonder if I can find a store still selling left over Peeps because easter smores sound really good right now, LOL.
Love your blog

Kyrsten said...

My hubby hates blogging and FB as well. He doesn't understand...

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