25 April 2010

Aloha Friday

What's Aloha Friday? It all started at An Island Life
In Hawaii, Friday is the day to relax and take it easy. So, Mrs. Marine could take it easy on posting!

Aloha Friday

She asks a question and you answer it in a comment. Play along and write your own "Aloha Friday" post then leave your link with Mr. Linky and Ill be sure to stop by and answer your question!

Question of the day:
What is your favorite season of the year?

Mine is Spring!  The flowers are blooming!  There is a freshness in the air. And The weather is gorgeous.  You can still get a few snow showers but you all start to get rain storms again.

color-splash-thumb1.jpg Yellow Flower. image by Omgitsstephers
485365403_c139f08372.jpg Color Splash image by genithebest

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