04 February 2010

I am not doing to well with keeping this thing up to date.

Things have changed a bit since we moved to Colorado. Well, I guess not things, but me. I am working and there for no longer do to many crafty things, cooking, or much of anything other than work, clean and sleep. As I have said before I love my job and therefore putting these things off for a bit is fine by me. However, I am the life Enrichment Manager at work on Mondays. This means I bake, do crafts, manicures, games, and really anything fun with the residents on Mondays to help keep them active on our full-time Life Enrichment Managers day off. It is neat because we do a lot of the things that I would do with the playgroup back at Fort Hood, such as pine cone bird feeders, cookie decorating, and much more.

The kids are doing great! Elaine is in Preschool and Tj is in Pre-K. Can you believe that they are both bringing home homework? Elaine is three and Tj is four and YES they have homework almost every night. TJ is now reading and writing words, and speaking some Spanish, (I wish I remembered those four years of Spanish I took). Elaine is day trained in potty training finally, and we are working on the night. They love the snow, going to school, and their trampoline. Oh yeah and our new doggy.

Tommy got me a Chihuahua/Daschund mix puppy (aka a Chiweenie). We named her Pixie and she is such a lover. I never thought I would own what I call a purse dog (any small dog that people tend to dress up and stick in little doggie purses), but yep I have one. And to top it off I bought her sweaters...lol. My excuse for this that its cold in Colorado, she is short haired, and tends to get cold easily. Ok, okay she also looks too stinking cute in them! She is already spoiled rotten and it will probably only get worse when Tommy deploys.

Yes I said it, Tommy is deploying. He will be leaving between June and August for Afghanistan. This will be his third deployment, and no it doesn't get easier. You get used to certain things and you expect stuff, but nothing ever makes the idea that he maybe injured or killed easier. Yes, I knew what I was getting into when my husband chose this, but we didn't think certain things would happen that have, but that is for another blog entry. So anyways, he will be going to an area in Afghanistan where more than likely we will have to go back to writing actual letters by hand for communication. This is going to make it extremely hard for the kids, who already ask when Daddy will be home when he just pulls CQ (24 hr. duty). At least the deployment will only be for a year. I will be staying in Colorado for that year.

I am going to try and keep this blog more up-to-date and I honestly don't know how I will do or what I am going to write about, but we will see. I will also be updating the layout so let me know what you think. Write soon.

Oh yeah, feel free to add me on Facebook. Yes I am an addict!

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