04 September 2009

How To Make a TUTU - DIY

I started making Elaine's Halloween costume Today, a bumble bee. So I figured I would share how to with my followers.

I have found that using a ribbon works better than elastic because your child doesn't out grow it as quick. Also you can tie a big pretty bow if you use a nice thick ribbon. Cut the ribbon between 6 and 10 inches longer than the size of your child's waist (the longer the extra ribbon the bigger the bow and the more growing room your child has.

I use the spools of tulle (about 4). Cut the tulle into strips twice as long as the length desired for your tutu.

Fold strips in have to form a loop at the end and then pull the ends through the loop catching the ribbon in between. Keep doing this! Remeber to leave extra ribbon at both ends.

When I finish I tie knots at the end of the tulle so I can scrunch and bunch the tulle for more poof.

Then take the tutu holding at the ends of the ribbon and tie with a big bow around your child.

Look back and admire the fact you made a tutu for your child that they will love!

I will post photos of one of my recent ones for Elaine in the morning.

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