09 August 2009

No word

Okay so I don't think I got the job. There is still no word. Oh well, that just means Monday I will be hitting the streets job searching again. I have already mapped out a course of 8 nursing homes.

On another note my husband has surprisingly decided that not only to have family prayers, but now he wants to go to church on Sundays since a base chapel is across the street. Now I just keep hoping and praying I can convince him to go to church with me, but this is a great step!

Yesterday I went thrift storing. Have I mentioned I LOVE the thrift stores up here!!! I found some great deals on stuff for making Elaine's butterfly room she wants:

Queen - White, Blue, and Green Comforter with beautiful flowers and butterflies - $7.50

Shelf - In a matching blue - 1.50

Blue Flower Shaped lamp - .75

Other deals were:

Autumn Table Cloth - 7.99

Burgundy table cloth - 3.50

2 James Patterson books - .50 each

4 Disney books - .29 cents each

and a Disney's Little mermaid series VHS - .25

I am a thrift store-aholic! So far up here I have visited 2- Arcs, 1-Goodwill, and a privately owned thrift store. Next weekend I plan on hitting up the flea market.

What has been your recent good find at a Thrift Store?

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