12 May 2009

Terrible Twos!!!

Okay so my daughter is driving me bonkers!  I love her and bless her soul she is sick, but she is a mini tornado!  Here let me set the scene for you.  My daughter used to have a nicely decorated room, now it is a twin mattress and box spring on the floor.  Her dresser is blocking her closet, but the dresser is empty because she will constantly rip the clothes out of it and throw them on the floor.  The blinds have to remain open constantly because she is destroying them.  I had to take her rug out because she has learned how to undress herself and will use the bathroom on the floor she prefers the floor to the potty.  LOL .  I had to put duck tape over her light switch because she can play with it for a good hour straight.  My glider and ottaman had to be removed because she was using it to punch holes in the wall.  We had to remove the spring like door stop and have it replace with a metal plate on the wall.  She would eat the cap off the spring doorstop and also she punched a hole in her wall with her door.  I used to have decals on her wall but she has learned how to climb her dresser (which may be the next thing to go) and ripped them and the framed photos off her walls.  I used to have some floral arrangements in there yeah they were demolished I guess she thought they were good chew toys.  I could continue but I am sure you get the point.  I just want to scream!  She really is a good kid just lately she hates her room.  She doesn't want naps, nor does she want to sleep through the night.  We have tried time out, taking things away, and spanking ... nothing works.  I really need her to take a nap today though so keep your fingers crossed for me.


Amanda Panda said...

I am commenting!!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I think you deserve a nap even more than me! Holy smokes! LOL I'm sending you what little patience vibes I've got - hang in there! The terrible two's can't last forever, right? :)

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